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The Nazi's at Real Manage try and tell me how to live in my home (that I own).I bought and paid for two sheds, got the home owner and city's approval and put them up.

Two years later Real Manage became the homeowners association and said that I had to take them down or else be sued.

They are trying to put a lein on the disabled vet's house that has the same shed up.Real Manage is threatening everyone in our community on home projects that they did before Real Manage took over.

It *** me off that I defended this country and now I have some *** maggot company coming in and threatening me because they don't like the way I live.

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RealManage works at the direction of the Association's Board of Directors.Approval from the City does not override the Association's Documents.

If you have either written approval from the Board of Directors or your Association's Architectural Review Committee than you can keep your shed(s). If not and your documents do not allow them, they must come down.

Thanx for your service, but laws are laws.I am certain you can agree.

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